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Less class, more shop!

Pre-apprenticeship training at
The Centre gets you ready to earn
in weeks!

Benefit from over 70%
hands-on training, instruction from
experienced industry professionals,
personalized job search assistance
and more!

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Prince Wilson
Pre-Millwright Apprentice
(Millwright/Electrical Class,

"They say once I pass
the probation period
and keep working hard
they will sign me up
for the (millwright)

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Jack Parnell
2nd term 309a Apprentice
(Electrical Class, 2014)

“Work is going very well, in fact I love
it! I certainly made the right choice
in a career… Predominantly I have
been doing just about anything from
pulling #3 awg suite feed bx cables
down the riser and into the electrical
room to tying in the suite distribution
panels. I'm learning a lot working with
James (journeyman) and he is great
to work with.”

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Greg Otte
3rd term 309a Apprentice
(Electrical Class, 2012)

“Thanks for having me (come to speak
to the class) Joe. I'm glad to provide
all information that I have on my journey
back to you guys. I appreciate that you
want to provide the best students for
the trade as possible. My career started
with my best decision ever;
choosing the Centre.”

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Elise Hoey
1st term General
Carpenter Apprentice
(WIST Class, 2014)

“Yes, I did sign a
Training agreement!
I was told to apply for the
OCOT membership.
- thank you soooo much!!”

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Brody Huk
1st term Machinist Apprentice
(IMM Class, 2015)

“The bonus here is I'm signed. I
will be able to have a sign off book
filled out quite a bit as I'm learning
loads and am excelling at a great
pace. I'm doing precision grinding,
building prototype dies, programming
and running waterjet CNC machines
and can operate and set up CNC
milling machines.”

Get trained and get hired! Skilled Trades workers are in high demand. The Centre for Skills Development & Training’s Skilled Trades Training Programs get students trained for rewarding careers in less than half the time of similar college training programs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Pre-apprenticeship training programs
  • Job ready within 6 months
  • Small class sizes with hands-on practical training
  • Minimum admission requirements, no additional academic electives
  • Experienced industry instructors
  • Flexible and affordable financing options
  • Over 90% placement rates

All Skilled Trades Training Programs take place at the Bay Area Learning Centre in Burlington.

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