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The Centre for Skills Development & Training’s Board of Directors is a group of dedicated individuals committed to ensuring The Centre’s services meet the needs of its diverse clientele and are reflective of a changing environment.

Stuart Miller
President of the Board
Stuart Miller

Director of Education
The Halton District School Board

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    Stuart Miller, was appointed Director of Education for Halton District School Board, effective September 30, 2015.


    Miller’s teaching career has been predominantly Halton-based, with the exception of a year in Scotland, and a year teaching in Malawi, East Africa.  His teaching responsibilities included Science, Biology and Mathematics, and he also coached hockey and soccer, coordinated science fairs, and initiated and organized social justice conferences for students. In 2009, Miller was appointed to the position of Superintendent of Education, and moved into the role of Associate Director in 2014.


    Miller has been instrumental in creating the Welcome Centre for students new to Canada and implementing an expansion of the international student program within the Board. He is also credited with advancing the work of the Board’s Research and Accountability team, a department that plays a crucial role for schools by providing student data as a resource support for students.


    “Positive and supportive relationships with students, staff and the community are essential for the success of our students, and those attributes are evident in Halton,” says Miller. “Education, teaching and learning are rapidly changing and moving into a new paradigm. It is the emphasis on relationships that will sustain and support the Board’s forward movement toward this paradigm. I am honoured and privileged to continue the successes of this Board and the communities it serves.”

Ron Harper

Ron Harper

Cogent Power Inc.

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    Bio coming soon…
Anne‐Marie Harte

Anne-Marie Harte

Stanmech Technologies Inc.

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    Anne-Marie joined STANMECH Technologies Inc. at the beginning of 2010 as General Manager. At STANMECH, Anne-Marie is responsible for day to day operations as well as looking for growth opportunities. STANMECH Technologies offers solutions to its customers based on the precise application of heat and air and services in a wide variety of sectors, from commercial roofing and flooring installation to manufacturing of all types.

    Before joining STANMECH, Anne-Marie worked at the Ontario Centres of Excellence in Business Development, for ADP Canada to establish and lead the Market Research group and Cymat Technologies as the Director of R&D and Application Development.

    Anne-Marie graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Engineering Physics. She went on to complete a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Cambridge University and continued with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship before returning to Canada. She also holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

    Anne-Marie is the past chair of the Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network. The GHMN’s mandate is to foster collaboration and innovation in the Golden Horseshoe manufacturing community.

Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey

Halton Industry Education Council

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    Kelly Hoey has been the Executive Director of the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) for the past 12 years. HIEC, which has been in existence since 1989, is one of 15 industry education councils in the Province of Ontario that are committed to advancing cooperation between business and education in support of workforce and economic development.

    Kelly is passionate about extending learning beyond the classroom and has been a champion for helping business see the benefit of becoming actively involved in helping youth make informed career decisions through experiential learning. Throughout her 22 years at HIEC, Kelly has designed, developed and implemented career education programs for more than 100,000 elementary and secondary students in Halton.

    Kelly and her team at HIEC have most recently been involved in the creation of the – an online community connecting employers and tomorrow’s workforce through experiential learning. Developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, this innovative initiative provides a central place for employers to express their interest in experiential learning and provides the assistance employers need to welcome students into their workplace.

    Kelly takes great pride in working in partnership with employers, community agencies and all levels of government. She is the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Yves Landry Foundation and on the Board for The Centre for Skills Development & Training. Kelly is the author of the textbook Careers 10 for the Grade 10 Career Studies Course, a compulsory course for all Ontario Secondary School Students.  In recent years, Kelly’s focus has been on harnessing technology to connect stakeholders and build community capacity.

Lisa Schoenberger

SB Partners LLP

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    Lisa is a Principal at SB Partners Professional Chartered Accountants with over 15 years of experience providing assurance and advisory services.  When it comes to Canadian private and not-for-profit auditing and reporting standards, clients can call on Lisa for authoritative knowledge, support and guidance.


    Since obtaining her designation as a Chartered Professional Accountant, Lisa has devoted her personal time to the continued excellence of the accounting field.  She has been a mentor and advisor to CPA students for the past 13 years; initially for a national firm and now at SB Partners. For four years, Lisa was a marker for the Uniform Final Examination (UFE) for CPA Canada – one of the world’s most difficult professional exams.  She was also seminar leader at the CPA Ontario School of Accountancy.

Leah Reynolds

Director Leah Reynolds

HDSB Trustee

  • More about Leah

    Leah Reynolds is a first-time Trustee for Wards 1 and 2 in Burlington – an area that encompasses both residential and the downtown business area. Having worked as a volunteer with local schools for the past 18 years, the transition to trustee was a natural fit. “I received so much support and encouragement, I thought I should give it a try.” said Leah. “I am deeply grateful and humbled with the opportunity I have been given.”

    Leah is a strong believer in life-long learning noting that graduates from high school pursue many paths from post-secondary education to other training or employment-opportunities.

    Committed to building a healthy community, Leah is a passionate and engaged advocate, appreciative of the ability to use her position to foster relationships and effect positive change.

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