Full time
New Store Opening in October.. Looking for Team Members.. NOW!

Job Requirements:
• Provides an exceptional guest experience by exhibiting genuine passion for the brand and demonstrating Freshii's culture and values daily.
• Expertly guide guests through the Freshii menu, completing suggestive upselling with the ability to recommend substitutions to meet a variety of guests' needs.
• Approaches work with positive energy and enthusiasm every day.
• Treats every guest like a visitor in their own home, and takes initiative to solve guest complaints/ problems.
• Comes forward with initiatives to improve the store sales, guest and employee experience.
• Receives, preps and stocks product as needed while following FIFO procedures.
• Takes advantage of downtime to clean and prepare the store. • Acts on the knowledge that a clean and hygienic line, Back-of-House, and Front-of-House is necessary for success.
• Follows all safety procedures without being told (e.g., wears cutting glove).
• Completes quality assurance of products being served.
• Confidently and efficiently works each station with the ability to transition as needed to eliminate bottlenecks on the line.
• Works productively with the team and demonstrates leadership.
• Knows and promotes current LTOs & new menu offerings.
• Takes responsibility and accountability for their actions and contributions to Freshii.
• Capable of completing basic POS transactions and catering/delivery orders.
• Clearly communicates availability, and takes accountability for getting shifts covered.
• Is a Freshii ambassador in the things they do & say, at work and beyond.
Post ID: HC0810
Company: Freshii
Hours: Full time
Wage: $14.00 hour to start - additional incentives after 3 months
Status: Permanent
How to apply: Chauhanh@thecentre.on.ca

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