Workplace Orientation and Readiness Knowledge

The Centre’s Specialized Language Training for the Workplace course, called Workplace Orientation and Readiness Knowledge (WORK), will provide 100 hours of language training designed to improve English language skills and prepare students for success at work. Students will:

  • Uncover the basics of effective communication.
  • Learn relevant grammar and business idioms.
  • Learn new techniques to improve pronunciation.
  • Gain confidence in speaking in front of others and giving professional presentations.
  • Enhance written communication skills including sending clear and effective email messages.

Material will include the workplace environment and the importance of developing cultural intelligence (CQ) in today’s multicultural workplace. The course will cover different management styles and how they relate to leadership, the characteristics of a good leader and situational leadership, negative and positive leadership and the “Canadian management style”.

The Workplace Orientation and Readiness Knowledge (WORK) Specialized Language Training class will prepare newcomers in the Milton, Georgetown, and surrounding area with the language skills necessary for successful job market entry.

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